The William Henry Fox Talbot Catalogue RaisonnÉThe complete corpus of the works of the Victorian inventor of photography on paper

About the project

The Catalogue seeks to put the entire corpus of the approximately 20,000 known surviving Talbot negatives and prints online. This scholarly resource is in beta release to encourage your contribution to this international effort. Revisions and new entries are being added continually.

From the blog

A new blog posting sometimes makes it to your screen every Friday. Covering a wide range of basic and specialized topics, normally these are posted by the Director but many are contributed by Guest Editors. The topics are often unpredictable. The blogs are archived and fully searchable. You can subscribe to a reminder if you wish.

Other Talbot resources

Internal resources include biographies, bibliographies and case studies. The Catalogue is also being linked to a wide range of external resources in the study of the early history of photography, including correspondence, conservation and historical studies.

Can you identify?

Many of Talbot's subjects remain a mystery. What church is that? A copy of which painting? Where have I seen that face? Have you seen this photograph identified and published in a book? Your experience or knowledge of local history or just plain intuition might provide the key. You might wish to remain anonymous, but if you wish we will be happy to credit you with your 'find' - just let us know how you would like to be cited.

Where are you now?

Talbot's originals are moving around all the time through traditional auctions, booksales, ebay and private transactions. Do you know the new home of these? (we won't publish your identity without your permission - we just want to keep track of them!)

A Little Bit of Magic Realised
William Henry Fox Talbot
January 1839