The William Henry Fox Talbot Catalogue Raisonné


Object within Schaaf no. 1122

Sharington's Tower, Lacock Abbey

Object details

Image size: h 18.0cm x w 22.4cm

Paper size: h 18.5cm x w 23.0cm

Object Type: Paper Negative-Camera

Physical description: complementary positive view discernible, verso, in brown; chemical brushmarks; bottom corner missing

Inscription: pencil rule lines

Matilda Talbot 1934

Owner: National Science and Media Museum

Object owner number: 1937-2546

Collection: Science Museum Collection

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This object is part of Schaaf no. 1122

Sharington's Tower, Lacock Abbey

Location: Lacock Abbey

A window has been left open at the top of the tower. A ladder can just be made out, almost obscured by a tree. Related to Schaaf number 5174.

There is no known positive print extant, or known to have been made from this negative. A virtual digital positive image has been generated for the purposes of this project.