The William Henry Fox Talbot Catalogue Raisonné


Object within Schaaf no. 3003

20. Cathedral Messina, Sicily, 2nd series

Object details

Created: Between 1 Feb 1846 and 31 May 1846

Image size: h 22.0cm x w 16.7cm

Plate size: h 22.5cm x w 18.8cm

Paper size: h 23.6cm x w 19.3cm

Object Type: Salted Paper Print

Inscription: Title inscribed in the negative; this is the left half of a panorama which joins print number 19 at XX

Kath Burnett Brown purchase 23.5.1967

Owner: Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History

Object owner number: 67.172.24

Collection: Photographic History Collection

This object is part of Schaaf no. 3003

20. Cathedral Messina, Sicily, 2nd series

Location: Sicily

Keywords: Italy Architecture Panorama

This image, together with Schaaf number 2998, forms one half of a panorama.

A horse and carriage, and passers-by are rendered transparent because they did not stay still during the long photographic exposure.

This view of the cathedral looks east from the Piazza Duomo and shows the bell tower of the west front of the cathedral church of S. Maria Assunta. The bell tower was taken down in 1863 as it had become unsafe.

The panorama photographs of Calvert Richard Jones feature in a Talbot project post