The William Henry Fox Talbot Catalogue Raisonné


Object within Schaaf no. 4001

Cloth in a geometric pattern

Object details

Image size: h 11.0cm x w 18.6cm

Object Type: Paper Negative-Contact

Inscription: in ink, verso: H.F.T.; pencil fx verso; pencil a recto

Watermark: atman y Mill 39

Watermark (expanded): J Whatman Turkey Mill 1849

Harrison D. Horblit (HH1776)

Owner: Houghton Library, Harvard University

Object owner number: Horblit TypPr 805.T820.015 Sz1

Collection: Harrison D. Horblit Collection Of Early Photography

Supporting images

This object is part of Schaaf no. 4001

Cloth in a geometric pattern

Irregularly cut and roughly trimmed piece of cloth in what appears to be a geometric pattern. The edges are shredded and threads are apparent.