The William Henry Fox Talbot Catalogue Raisonné

Master record for Schaaf no. 3455

11. Brecon

Attributed to: Calvert Richard Jones

Location: Brecon

Keywords: Architecture Street Lampost Shop Wales Panorama

The formal classical building at the centre of this street view of Brecon is now Brecon Town Council Offices. Nextdoor is the premises of Prosser, the chemist.

This print is the second of four which together form a panorama. The first in the sequence is Schaaf number 2957, followed by this image (Schaaf number 3455), Schaaf number 4560 and Schaaf number 3471.

For directions on how to recreate the panorama effect using the tools on this website please go to the 'Master Record' for Schaaf number 2957.

The panorama photographs of Calvert Richard Jones feature in a Talbot project post

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